Clive Malunga


As we celebrate Christmas and New Year under very difficult conditions, we must not despair for we have hope in God. We suffered for close to a century under the rule of the occupiers. We asked God for strength to dislodge the cruel system and it is now more than 42 years since God set us free from Apartheid Rhodesia. These days we are crying day and night for deliverance from the yoke of poverty and misrule and I can assure you that our God will not remain quiet. He will, and is about to lead us to the Promised Land.

This festive season, we need to self-introspect. Is there anything wrong we did or are doing to ourselves to make God unhappy? If so, we need to change our behaviour and begin to live by God’s commandments.  If we want peace and prosperity to prevail in our country, we must follow God’s precepts. Let us rid ourselves of vices that God loathes such as homosexuality, prostitution, stealing, drug abuse, alcoholism, divination, hypocrisy and corruption. We need to retrace our footsteps to our time-tested values of ubuntu/hunhu. It is now time to go back to our old ways of living together as one big extended family. We need to love each other, assist and feel sorry for each other.  We need to work together collectively to build Zimbabwe to be a great country again. This country must be able to provide housing, food, clothing, education and all other necessities of life for all its citizens.

We must make the current Christmas and New Year festivities a period with a difference because of our preparations to enter the Promised Land of milk and honey in 2023. We must earnestly pray without ceasing, beseeching God to help us reach our Promised Land. We want Zimbabwe to be a country that is counted among other progressive countries. All our aspirations can be realised if we submit ourselves to God. Our Lord in heaven is going to choose a leader from among the children of this beautiful land to lead us out of misery: a leader who is God-fearing and has love for all the people of this country. Prayer will break all the bonds of the enemy and set us free from grinding poverty, wickedness and disease. Verily, verily, when God sees us striving for righteousness, He will intervene and extricate us from our challenges.

The wind of change is already blowing and will soon be felt by the entire nation. We must pray for leaders who will lead us with loving hearts, leaders who will walk the talk and deliver on their promises. We want leaders who want to serve the nation and not those who seek to enrich themselves while the majority of people wallow in extreme poverty.

Zimbabweans are scattered all over the world due to unbearable challenges at home. From all those corners of the globe, it is our collective duty to give supplications to God for our nation. Let us all consecrate ourselves wholly to God through prayer and fasting.  Fasting this time around should not just include abstinence from food, but also sex and television and other pursuits of pleasure such as drinking and smoking. Food, drink and entertainment satisfy man’s

physical needs. On the other hand, fasting demonstrates a strong desire to strengthen our spiritual life and communion with God. When we are crying and suffering, there is no time to indulge in sexual activities. Let’s temporarily forsake many pleasures for the sake of the nation. God challenges all of us to ask for anything and see if He cannot provide. He is waiting for our requests as a country.

According to the 2022 Census, Zimbabwe’s population now stands just above 15 million people. I know that the majority of people may find it difficult to take part in the fasting and prayers for which I am inviting you.  I am, however, confident that a sizeable number of my compatriots is going to heed this call. It is imperative that we pray for a better life in Zimbabwe. Even if only a few pious people make the required physical sacrifices and fervently pray for the country, God will hear their prayers.  We cannot continue to trust only our own efforts to bring about the change we desire. This has failed in the past. This time we have to stand up against an unjust situation using prayer as a weapon of choice. When we are at war with the devil and an evil system, and we call God to our side, nothing will be impossible. 

Even though the road ahead seems to be plagued with many challenges, these can be overcome if we ask for Jehovah’s intervention. From today onwards, in all your prayers do not forget to mention the emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe. While we are going to do our part by voting, it is God’s prerogative to select leaders who are going to lead us come 2023. Let us all beg the Almighty Jehovah to design our destiny with us. Left alone our power is not sufficient. We long to see Zimbabweans smiling, laughing and enjoying the fruits of our hard won independence. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be happy in a country which God, in his infinite wisdom, liberally endowed with natural resources. Just take a moment to think about the hundreds of rivers that criss-cross this country, the millions of rich arable land, the diversity of high-value minerals that cover every square inch of the country and the millions of people whose quest for learning and dedication to hard work is incomparable! Surrounded by this unparalleled abundance, it is hard to imagine why Zimbabweans must struggle for survival. The new year must witness a political and economic turnaround of the country. We are tired of enduring life: we want to start enjoying it.

My fellow countrymen and countrywomen, let us commit ourselves to living a Godly life. We ought to shun corruption and sinful living. God helps us if we show a desire to live by his laws: the laws of love, selflessness, love and justice. If you heed my call for prayer and self-sacrifice this season, I can assure you, we will see light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see ourselves relieved of the unbearable burden of poverty.

In our dog-fight with the devil, we must show love towards each other by being good to each other. Find a way to make someone smile this festive season and make blessing others a lifelong commitment. We must love one another and build a united front against the devil. We will win in 2023.  Never again will we suffer like we did in the last 42 years. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!

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