Clive Malunga

Abuse of the church of Jesus Christ

Where are our leaders getting the guts to use the church of Jesus Christ as a platform for political expediency? The Second Republic has failed to learn lessons from all those who tried this trick but failed dismally. Former South African President Comrade Jacob Zuma tried to use the church and fell from grace. His downfall was a total disgrace. The late former President of Zimbabwe Comrade Robert Mugabe, his wife and many of his close allies suffered much humiliation when he was removed from office. His political downfall was not brought about by Lacoste or any schemers but he was chastised by  God for abusing the church.

Robert Mugabe, who was a larger than life character, died a painful death; he ate himself from inside until he couldn’t breathe. In the last days of his rule, the church had become his new playing ground. In Shona, we say “aiva ava kuita chiramu naJehovah”. As happens to all who desecrate God’s holy things, Robert Mugabe was ousted from power and he got so stressed that he stopped caring about anything including how he dressed and life itself. It seemed like a repeat of the Biblical stories of Nebuchadnezzar and his successor Belshazzar. In the end Mugabe died a miserable death, lonely like an ordinary person. He had become a nobody in the eyes of the majority of Zimbabweans and the world at large. He was a dictator who ruled Zimbabwe like his personal farm, Gushungo Estate. It was well with him as long as he stayed out of holy territory but once he entered the church he started playing with fire. In the end he got burnt.

President Jacob Zuma

Robert Mugabe’s legacy is shrouded with many acts of brutality. If you crossed his path you would become history. He had no respect even for his friends. He fell out with Cde Edgar Tekere, Enock Dumbutshena, Simba Makoni, Edison Zvobgo, Emmerson Mnangagwa and many others. He was a dictator who failed to groom a successor. He was so obsessed with power that he never wanted to hear anyone talking about succession. He was all powerful and for that, he never hesitated to step into the church to campaign for ZANU (PF). That is when he crossed the red line.  Consequently, God punished him severely and he died a nobody. As I see it, he cannot be counted among the heavyweights of Africa alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta.

I learned nothing from Robert Mugabe except his overbearing power over the population which instilled fear in the people. Robert Mugabe was one human being who wanted to carry himself with aplomb at whatever occasion.  An eloquent speaker and a bright thinker, his main handicap was his self-centeredness.  His excessive selfishness bred arrogance and cruelty and many wouldn’t be surprised if his current abode is hell.

Robert Mugabe had great oratory skills and an amazing command of the English language. He could speak English better than many native English speakers. However, language which brings no tangible results to the lives of people becomes just empty words. He terrorised the whole nation through his notorious CIO security agents. The entire nation was held hostage by one man who had absolute power. A tyrant, a monster of a human being, he treated Zimbabweans as his subjects and Zimbabwe as his personal property.

If there are no good advisors for our current President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, he is bound to repeat the same mistake done by President Robert Mugabe. A church is a holy gathering of believers in Christ and those who want to repent. I am perplexed when Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa is deciding to work closely with controversial religious leaders like Uebert Angel, Walter Magaya, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Passion Java and some Apostolic sects. Is anyone advising the President about these conmen who are fleecing money from all people seeking spiritual assistance? The Presidency is being contaminated by fellowship with these false prophets. By attending their church services, the President becomes an accomplice in whatever harm these false prophets are causing to the church of Christ. It is an unpardonable sin for these “fake men of God” to use the word of God to deceive innocent Christians who fall prey to their dirty divination tricks.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

If ZANU (PF) continues on this path, they will lose the harmonised elections and many of its leaders are going to be punished by God for bringing the house of God into disrepute. This could be the end of their political careers if they keep on challenging the powers of the Lord. Why do you have to say ‘Vapostori for ED’, and not ‘Vapositori for Jesus Christ’? Your advisors are taking the wrong route.  Mr. President, cult leaders will bring misery to your life, for you are entering into direct conflict with Jehovah. These false prophets are enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are crooks who benefit by playing tricks on the children of God who visit them seeking assistance for many challenges of life. The President of Zimbabwe, by allowing these criminals to enter the Zimbabwe State House, is bringing dirty and shame to his presidency. One wonders what kind of advice the president may get from Passion Java! Mr. President, why do you waste your time with a clown like Passion Java?

The contest of the harmonised elections next year 2023 will not be between ZANU(PF) on the one hand, and MDC and CCC on the other hand. It will be a contest between ZANU(PF) and Jehovah. God has shown that he is in charge and has absolute powers to determine the direction Zimbabwe takes. I warn the President to distance himself from false prophets or else he will suffer the misery inflicted upon all men who disrespect God.

Mr. President, enjoy your life as much as possible. But don’t challenge the powers of the Lord because you now have plenty of money and you are feared by the young and old. There is still time to repair the damage caused by repenting and becoming a new person, being born again. A leader must be scrutinized from all angles because the people are entitled to know and weigh the character of their leader. Leading a country is no easy task.

What good examples are we giving to our sons and daughters? Can you imagine a so-called prophet of God inviting musician Mukudzei Mukombe to sing the secular song ‘Mudhara Achauya’ in front of the congregation? Whose people are we? Desecrating the place of worship where congregants are gathered to bow down to our Almighty God in worship. The youngsters have no good role models to follow. That is why you see young boys calling themselves Jah this, Jah that. Jah is Jehovah’s name and must not be used in vain.

Where are you getting the courage to stand at the pulpit and talk about ZANU (PF) Mr. President? Do you have any idea what you are doing to yourself and to your family? This is the lowest point our country has reached. Enjoy  all your riches but I beg you to stay away from the church. Fair-minded people must stand up against all those who are tarnishing the place of worship. God will not be quiet for long when human beings are manipulating the church for personal gain or political convenience. God will ultimately intervene and the church will always triumph over evil.

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