Clive Malunga

Brace Yourself for Change

As we all gear for the 2023 harmonised elections, it is our prerogative to sit down and reflect about where we have come from as a nation and where we want to take our country. In doing that, let us not forget to believe and rely on Jehovah who owns Zimbabwe and the universe and everything contained therein. Let us dedicate our plans and hopes for the nation to the creator of the world.

Bringing the change, we want requires visionary leaders whose ideas and policies are inspired by God. It is also necessary for all ordinary Zimbabweans to totally surrender to our Heavenly Father who has all the powers to change any situation in wink of an eye. Although registering to vote and casting the vote are very important elements of the democratization process, they alone will not be sufficient without the intervention of the Most High. Therefore, while we do all things necessary to achieve the change we yearn for, we ought also to submit our supplication for change to God.

All religious leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ must pray for freedom, good health, peace, love, happiness and harmony. Let us all do our best to put forward ideas which can make Zimbabwe great again. The late Cde Edgar Tekere formed the Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM), the late Cde Enoch Dumbutshena formed the Forum Party of Zimbabwe and Cde Simba Makoni formed Mavambo to unseat Cde Robert Mugabe. They all failed in their quest partly due to political miscalculations and improper timing but largely because they leaned more heavily on their own human intellect than on the enabling power of the Lord.  When we depend on the Lord there is no challenge too huge to surmount.

I believe that change will happen 100% come 2023. I base my hope on Jesus Christ.  All things are possible for they that believe in Christ. Through prayer, we will help Zimbabwe regain its rightful place in the comity of nations.  When you have Christ in you, your vision cannot be wrong and you speak from a position of strength. I boldly declare that the next harmonised elections will see the beginning of good things for our beloved country. The owner of heaven, the owner of time, life and wisdom will protect me to witness this vision come true. The time has come to deploy all spiritual weapons of prayer against the forces of darkness. The Lord will fulfill what I am saying now. The enemies of God will wither as we get closer to the final days and dates of the 2023 elections. God will show his powers through his chosen few. The dark cloud of poverty which has been hanging over us for a long time is about to disappear and a new bright day is dawning.  Zimbabwe will never be laughing stock of the world again.

ZANU (PF) is merely a political party. It is evident that this party’s leaders have failed to uphold the wishes of the Lord as expressed in His commandments. We wish for leaders who will live by the dictates of God’s precepts:  leaders who will fight corruption, respect the sanctity of human life, grant people all the freedoms due to them as enshrined in our constitution and work to uplift people from poverty.

As we enter 2023, the people will notice the spirit of peace and togetherness that will pervade our landscape. The owner of the universe will disable all instruments of terror. Those who wish to continue sucking the blood of the poor will find themselves totally powerless. With the change in leadership, Zimbabwe will enter a path of recovery. Zimbabwe will surprise many countries all over the world with how fast the country will manage to heal itself. Many people around the world will fall on each other to do business with Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will definitely become a case study of a successful country for business students. We are going to forget all the suffering that we are going through.

The omniscient Jehovah knew the 2023 harmonised election results from the beginning of time. We, humans, are just waiting for the results to be confirmed. Then we will begin our miracle story of development. Zimbabwe will rise and shine. Zimbabwe will not be encumbered by debts to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or European Union or Commonwealth nor will it be an American satellite.

In the 1980s, Zimbabwe was many miles ahead of its neighbours in terms of progress and standards of living. Zambians, Malawians, Mozambican, Angolan and South Africans used to enroll in our colleges and many ordinary citizens of those countries would come to buy food and clothing in Zimbabwe. God will restore that lost legacy of this wonderful country. You have eyes to see, ears to hear and a brain to think. Please make use of the three components wisely and God will do the rest.

Many people may be surprised at why I am talking about God so much in this article. It is because I have personally experienced his enabling power in my life. How can I forget my many personal accomplishments I could not have even dreamt of without the helping hand of God?  I organised Jenaguru Music Festivals whose attendances averaged more than 10 000 people at Gwanzura Stadium for many years. I was provided army equipment by army commander, the late Cde Vitalis Zvinavashe, to shoot the Nesango video.  I assisted Chinyaradzo Children’s Home for many years with food, clothing, toys and I trained kids to join Jenaguru music and dance group. We toured Japan with Richard Lang and successfully raised funds for Chinyaradzo Children’s Home. I saw the hand of God in providing and assisting the institution. I have also successfully nominated Dr Thomas Mapfumo and Ambuya Stella Chiweshe for conferment with honorary degrees by the University of Zimbabwe. I have trained many kids on traditional music and dance and conducted numerous successful cultural exchange tours to the Far East. All these examples demonstrate God’ s power to positively impact situations if the people seek his help. These things that happened to me at a micro-level, God can replicate at a macro-level.

I assure you all Zimbabweans that our misery is coming to an end in 2023. Casting our votes is just a formality WE MUST DO, but the outcome is given. We are going to celebrate change. Let everyone start planning how they are to develop themselves and their country with few impediments and with the state playing a great facillitatory role. The enemies of progress are going to be trounced. Brace yourself for change.

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