Clive Malunga


For the 42 years ZANU (PF) has been in power, there has been nothing to celebrate. How can we celebrate hunger and poverty for the majority? ZANU (PF) has ruined the economy and driven many people into hopelessness. The regime has also used excessive
force including weapons of war to suppress the masses. Brutal intimidation, abductions, disappearances and unlawful arrests of opposing voices have become the order of the day.

I have heard and read about Uganda’s Idi Amin and the DRC’s Mobutu Sese Seko who ruled their countries as if they were personal properties. We are experiencing the same here in Zimbabwe where the president, his family and those around him plunder the
resources of the country in broad daylight.

Zimbabweans will forever cherish the legendary and heroic sacrifices by all freedom fighters who freed this country from colonial bondage. However, the sacrifices of many patriots cannot and should not be used as a ticket by a few greedy individuals to steal,
loot, plunder and mismanage national resources. Leaders must be accountable to the people for their actions. The leaders have turned the country into a banana republic where state machinery is used to oppress the people. It must never be seen as a crime if
the majority decide to change the government through the ballot box. People have a right to retain good leadership that delivers tangible development to the nation and dump useless leaders that continue to drive the majority of the people into penury.

Zimbabwe leaders have lost a sense of Ubuntu/ hunhu. Greed, self-centeredness and evil now possess our leaders. They now do not have respect for the sacred. The political leaders are desperately using the church as a platform to campaign for votes. The holy pulpits are being desecrated as unholy politicians use them to conduct their campaign rallies. The church must be vigilant and refuse to be tricked into unholy alliances with the tormentors of God’s people.

The heartless leaders we have today do not care about people’s suffering. The young generation has lost hope because it has become clear that opportunities for life improvement will never materialise under the current regime. The wounds inflicted upon the people by the thuggery of our leadership will haunt the people for a long time to come. However, nothing lasts forever. Only God is eternal. Very soon this regime that is like an albatross around our necks will go and we will celebrate.

Zimbabweans are tired of empty sloganeering. Every election season they are promised paradise which never comes. Anyone who calls for a change of leadership, ideas and strategies to move the country forward is called all sorts of names, including being branded a sellout. Yet true sellouts are those who negate the ideals of freedom and economic emancipation for which thousands of Zimbabwean patriotic sons and daughters sacrificed their lives. The sellouts are our leaders who want to enjoy the wealth of our country and all the benefits of independence alone with their families and cronies to the exclusion of the majority. The egotistical leaders cannot listen to any sensible advice although they claim and pretend to be listening leaders. They think they have a monopoly of knowledge, yet it is obvious that the only monopoly they have is of ideas which do not work.

There is no good reason why Zimbabwe is as poor as it is. Why is it that there are individuals who are filthy rich and continue to hoard wealth in an economy that is failing? It is obvious that the economy is made to fail by fraudsters who are leading us and we are forced to help them sanitise their failure with flimsy excuses. It is quite disheartening that the Zimbabwean economy is incentivising the corrupt and the fake while those who want to earn an honest living are punished. Hardworking people are suffering while thugs are thriving.

It is now upon all level headed Zimbabweans to come together and find a solution for our national crisis. A few brave individuals must voice their anger against the injustice perpetrated against the people of Zimbabwe. We are looking for a leader who fears God
and lives by His precepts. We need a leader who cares for workers, the elderly, the displaced, orphans, former freedom fighters, the disabled and indeed, all the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is looking for leaders who feel guilty when the nation faces challenges. We want leaders who lose sleep thinking of ways and means of lifting people out of poverty. We want leaders who are there to serve, not to be served; leaders who fulfill their
promises. We want leaders who perform their duties to the best of their abilities; leaders who do not treat dissenting voices or opposition parties as enemies of the state but leaders who can tolerate diversity as well as forgive those who wrong them.

Zimbabwe is at war with itself. For personal gain, leaders are stealing from the poor at industrial scale. Those who must be protecting the people of Zimbabwe are the ones at the forefront of terrorising the entire nation. In our difficult situation people try to start
projects to support themselves but these are destroyed by the cruel regime. How does government want people to survive if it is at the forefront of destroying livelihoods? For how long can people continue to put up with this brutality?

The majority 99% of Zimbabwe’s population should distance themselves from the 1% minority criminals, thugs, thieves, looters and predators. As we head towards the 2023 elections, it is your vote which will remove these criminals from positions of power.
Zimbabwe cannot continue on this path of misery any longer.

ZANU(PF), the revolutionary party, the once loved party has fallen into the hands of a dictator who is not ashamed to show off his ill-gotten wealth. ZANU (PF) must lose the 2023 harmonised elections and I believe it will. Once it loses, the people will be free forever and they will not want to hear its name again in their life time!

Iwe neni tine basa!

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